Create Your Own Garden Markers

It’s spring time in Kentucky and for my family that means gardening time. Each year, at my parent’s house, we plant a garden. This year we are being very adventurous and planting a bigger garden than ever before.

Create Your Own Garden Markers

One of the challenges of gardening is remembering what you planted in each row. This year, thanks to inspiration from Pinterest, I decided to label our garden rows, so that there was no guessing what that plant was that was sprouting from the ground.

There are several ways that you can label your garden rows.

Painted Rock Garden Markers

These super cute painted rocks, by Crafts by Amanda, are a great way to label your garden. You could even let your children help decorate the rocks.

Label Your Garden

Source: Crafts by Amanda

Wine Cork Garden Markers

What do you do with your wine corks after opening a bottle of wine? Here’s a way to repurpose them as labels for your garden. You can find the tutorial for creating these at Eat Drink Better.

Labeling Your Garden, Garden Markers

Source: Eat Drink Better

Plant Marker Protector

I love this idea! We used to slide a stick inside of the seed packet and then place the stick in the ground at the end of the garden row. This worked, until it rained, or until the wind blew our seed packet away. I love this idea of placing a glass jar over the seed packet to protect it.

Labeling Your Garden

Source: Martha Stewart

Easy Garden Markers

Now, my garden markers may not be as creative or as pretty as the ones above but they do the job! My mother is an art teacher so she has an abundance of wooden sticks. You know those nasty tongue depressors that the doctors sticks in your mouth. For our garden markers we simply took these wooden sticks and a sharpie and wrote the name of each plant on it. Then we placed it at the beginning of the row.
Create Your Own Garden Markers

Do you have a unique way that you label your garden?

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